Bookkeeping Engagement Letter for New Clients | Advanced Template | Sales, Engagement and Onboarding

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Smart bookkeepers store knowledge in their head. Savvy bookkeepers use templates.

Our Bookkeeping Proposal / Engagement Letter + Terms & Conditions can be sent to potential clients during the quoting process. You can also send it to existing clients when changing your pricing model, or to those clients who never signed an engagement letter.

Our Proposal includes the following sections:

  • Cover page
  • Intro letter
  • Scope and fees pricing table (does not include Pricing Catalogue)
  • Working Relationship
    • Outlines the expectations for the working relationship, including clear communication, zero tolerance for bullying, and mutual respect.
  • Terms & Conditions section (2 options to choose from):
    • Version 1 T&Cs Outline: Contains only the headings for each section of the T&Cs that needs to be included
    • Version 2 Full T&Cs: Contains full T&Cs written by an Australian lawyer to protect your business and your clients, including:
      • Guidelines for dealing with "out of scope" work or "change in scope"
      • Fee and payment terms, including additional fees where applicable
      • Clear expectations of timeliness and quality of work (from both parties)
      • Confidentiality agreement
      • Liability protection for your practice (this also covers cyber security expectations)
      • Protection of each party's Intellectual Property
      • Conditions of service termination
      • And more, to ensure both you and your clients are protected and understand the agreement and expectations fully.
  • Engagement Parties
  • Engagement Agreement (declaration and signature block)

Our Bookkeeping Engagement Letter is a professionally presented Bookkeeping Proposal document giving your clients a clear set of guidelines and expectations for working with you.

Having a lack of boundaries in client relationships is a recipe for stress:

  • Difficult clients
  • Slow paying or bad debts
  • Legal problems
  • Stress for you and your team

Don't risk your business, your hard sales and onboarding process. Ensure every client signs an engagement letter before working with them. 

For each version of the Bookkeeping Engagement Letter (v1 T&Cs Outline or v2 Full T&Cs - explained in detail above) you can choose from the following options when purchasing:

  • Word Doc .docx Template (instant download)

  • PandaDoc Template transferred to your PandaDoc account (takes up to 2 business days)

  • Practice Ignition Template .docx formatted for easy upload to Practice Ignition (instant download)

  • PandaDoc Custom with your branding and business information added by us then transferred to your PandaDoc account (takes up to 2 business days)

  • Practice Ignition Custom with your business information added and the whole template uploaded into your Practice Ignition account by us (takes up to 2 business days)

Choose PandaDoc Custom or Practice Ignition Custom when purchasing and we'll Set Up and Custom Brand your docs ready for eSignature.

 Note on Delivery: 

  • Word Doc .docx templates are available for instant download.
  • PandaDoc Templates, PandaDoc Custom, and Practice Ignition Custom are added to your account within 2 business days of purchase. This may take longer for Custom options, depending on receival of business information to include.

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    2 PandaDoc is an affordable proposal and eSignature software which can be custom branded and used for all kinds of lodgement and onboarding documents

    3 Airtable is a FREE app for creating forms and organising information: click here to learn more about Airtable.

    4 We keep our documents and templates updated. Join our Savvy Membership to get access to ongoing updates and support for your documents.

    5 Our engagement terms & conditions do not constitute legal advice. And we are not responsible for this document once you have edited it or made changes.

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