Meet Savvy Founder, Amy Hooke
Amy started her bookkeeping business, Off The Hook Bookkeeping after working in an accounting firm for a decade. She realised that running her own business would give her freedom and flexibility to build relationships with clients while ensuring the quality of bookkeeping was high.
Amy's initially wanted to build a BIG bookkeeping business because she thought that would make a significant difference. But she realised that being the biggest or the best would mean aggressive competition. And the idea of competing with other bookkeepers, who she saw as her friends, didn't align with her core values:
Meaningful work
Customer satisfaction
By running a small, virtual bookkeeping practise, Amy could work part-time from home and stay connected with the industry. And have plenty of spare time to turn her business resources into materials she could share.
She knew that by working in partnership and collaborating with her colleagues, her mission to empower business owners could reach farther.
After a few years in business, one of Amy's colleagues was impressed by her website. And said 'could you make me one'!?
So Amy started a 'side hustle' making websites for bookkeepers. And she soon realised that most of her bookkeeper clients were great with numbers, but not good with words. So to figure out their target market for the website, Amy found herself coaching them to understand, articulate and communicate their value.
Her exploration process cemented this truth: bookkeepers hold critical positions of influence with business owners. Yet often don't recognise their value and authority. Amy realised that by equipping and educating SMART bookkeepers, she could empowering them to BE SAVVY bookkeepers.
And that SAVVY bookkeepers could change the world.... together. So she started The Savvy Bookkeeper.
At SAVVY, we know SMART bookkeepers help clients on a FINANCIAL level. And Savvy bookkeepers help clients on a HEART level.
And that's because Savvy is not just about being resourceful, getting stuff done and making a profit. But it's also about finding your voice so you can live from a place of courage, identity and purpose.
We love learning, testing and finding the best solutions, and knowledge with our colleagues.
Our founder, Amy Hooke, has clocked up more than 50,000 hours of bookkeeping experience, and collectively we have taught 600+ bookkeepers.
And through our podcast, The Bookkeepers' Voice, our message has reached thousands of bookkeepers worldwide.
We'd love you to join us, and embrace the SAVVY values and way of life.
Oh, and by the way, we also have a truckload of amazing templates, training and resources for bookkeepers.
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