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In order to keep reaching your business goals, you need to check in with your team.

Weekly meetings are great to make sure everyone is on the same page, however, periodically you should be checking in with each team member one on one. This helps you to ensure each team member is performing to the standards you expect, while maintaining high job satisfaction. It also provides a safe environment for both parties to air any issues or celebrate any wins. 

This template allows you and your team to reflect on the past and make plans for the future, to the benefit of every individual and to your business as a whole.

This template provides 3 forms that can be customised by you to suit your business needs:

  1. Employee Self-Review Form - Each employee will fill out this form quarterly before your review meeting, giving your employees the opportunity to reflect on their successes and difficulties, provide feedback on how you can provide better support for them, and look towards their future career goals. Only you see the submissions from this form.
  2. Manager Review Form - For each employee you will fill out this form quarterly to use during your review meeting. Your employees won't see this information, rather it is a guide for you to think about your employees in a different way to how you might normally do so, and to provide you with discussion points for your review meetings with them.
  3. Meeting Format Form - This form is very simple and is for you to use during the review meetings. It's especially handy for people who tend to get off-topic, either yourself or your employees! It provides a basic structure for the meeting and allows you to mark down any notes about what you discuss. Again, this is only seen by you, but you can share these notes with your employee afterwards if you wish.

The template also includes an instructional video that goes over each form in more detail and a guide to help you set it up and share it with your employees quarterly.

The Team Quarterly Review Template also partners really well with our Team Dashboard Template. This Dashboard is also in Airtable, and will allow your team to keep you updated on their wellbeing and workload throughout the quarter so you can deal with any major issues as they arise, and have a good overview of how they are going when it comes to doing their quarterly reviews.

    What you get with the Team Quarterly Review Template:
    • Access to the Airtable* Template
      • Team Self-Review Form
      • Manager Review Form
      • Review Meeting Outline
    • Training video and instructions to show you how to set it up and use it
    • All this is available for Instant Download on purchase

    *This is an Airtable template. If you're not on Airtable yet, grab yourself a FREE account now!

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