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As a remote or ‘virtual’ business, regular communication between your team is crucial for efficiency. 

However, organising weekly or bi-weekly meetings may not be the most effective use of everyone's time. Especially so for ‘catch-ups’ that involve communicating ongoing - yet important - information such as weekly or daily tasks. 

Our Savvy Team Dashboard Template is your solution to efficient team communication. Providing an easy to use, fun channel for sharing information, the Dashboard allows your team to communicate details such as:

  • Current work priorities and tasks
  • Urgency of tasks
  • Whether help is required of another team member in completing a task

In addition to workload related communication, the Dashboard also allows for team members to share information about other factors that may impact their working week, including:

  • Overall working satisfaction
  • Wellbeing
  • Awareness of external or personal factors that may impact their work efficiency

There is so much to love about our Team Dashboard Template. By having such a tool, your team will save hours of time which would usually be spent in unnecessary calls and zoom meetings. It will also enable managers to notice when staff are overloaded or unsatisfied and take corrective action before it’s too late.

What’s even better? Managers and team members are able to make comments within the channel to respond to any urgent notes left. It’s a one-stop tool for team communication and an absolute ‘must have’ for any remote business!

    What you get:
    • Access to the Airtable* Template
      • Team Views
      • Manager Views
      • Examples
    • Training video to show your team how to fill it out
    • Training video for you or your manager to help set up and review the Team Dashboard
    • All this is available for Instant Download on purchase

    *This is an Airtable template. If you're not on Airtable yet, grab yourself a FREE account now!

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