Sell Your Value | Masterclass | Create Your Niche + Elevator Pitch

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Distinguish Yourself as ‘Savvy' in a Crowded Marketplace

Find your voice. Create a powerful pitch, communicate your value, work with clients you love and receive the respect you deserve.

Would you love to engage quality bookkeeping clients? 

We’ve all experienced working with clients who aren’t a good fit for our business. But if we’re marketing our services, how can we avoid bringing in the wrong people.

By having a strong alignment between your sales and marketing strategies you will be able to bring in and keep, more and better quality clients. 
Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Um well….perhaps.

“2% of bookkeepers love sales. The other 98% are normal!” – Amy Hooke

Many bookkeepers don’t fully realise how powerful a sales and marketing strategy can, let alone know how to create one. Never fear, Savvy is here, to help with all things Sales & Marketing.

Get ready to powerfully communicate your value. And grow a business which focuses on quality over quantity. 


Sell Your Value Masterclass

During this 60-minute On Demand training, you will;

  • Define your niche and target market 
  • Understand the problems you solve for your clients
  • See how your solutions solve those problems
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Understand your point of difference
  • Develop unique selling proposition and tagline 

After the session you will have everything you need to;

  • Attract quality over quantity
  • Concisely communicate your value
  • Understand your marketing message
  • Clarify your branding tone of voice 

It’s only $50! But the value it will add to your business is so much more.

Upgrades available:

Add a 30 minute or 60 mentoring session with a Savvy mentor to help you through the process.

Trainer Bio: Amy Hooke, the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper loves getting results for business owners. But she realised that the results would be limited if she worked alone.  

Amy recognised that bookkeepers hold key positions of influence with business owners, but often don't recognise their authority. So by equipping and educating SMART bookkeepers, she is empowering them to BE SAVVY. 

For Amy, being Savvy is not just about being resourceful, getting stuff done and making a profit. But it's also about finding your voice so you can live from a place of courage, identity and purpose.

Amy loves learning, testing and finding the best solutions, and sharing her knowledge with her colleagues. 

She’s clocked up more than 50,000 hours of bookkeeping experience, taught more than 500 bookkeepers. And through her podcast, The Bookkeepers' Voice, reached thousands of bookkeepers worldwide. 

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