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It’s never too late to get more organised than ever before...

Whether you’re new to bookkeeping or you’ve been in the business for decades, we’ve got a Savvy solution for you. 

Our Master Bookkeeping Checklist provides a guide to ALL of the key tasks that are performed by Bookkeeping Business Owners including those that are:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual
  • Ad Hoc
  • Catch up/Set up
  • And MORE!

The checklist, which we provide in Airtable, includes additional resources that are relevant to each key phase - such as templates for emails and those necessary for lodgements.

Having trouble using the templates or unsure how to use Airtable? No stress! We also include a short video on how to use the program which is easy to follow and fun to use. Still not a fan? The checklist can also be exported to be used in any project management software program of your choice!

“I already know what bookkeeping tasks I need to do, why do I need this?”

If you’re an experienced Bookkeeper who already knows these task lists like the back of your hand, that’s great! BUT! Just because you CAN remember everything doesn’t mean that keeping all your knowledge in your head is the most efficient way to run your business. 

Save up your ‘thinking space’ and use it for something more important than process checklists. Use this Master Bookkeeping Checklist and have everything you would ever need to think about for day-to-day tasks - right in front of you! It will save you both hours and headaches!

“Is this useful for a team?”

Yes! Whether you're a solo bookkeeper or you have a team, this template will help you. By having your processes listed out in this way you can easily hand over tasks to your team and keep track of where they’re up to.

    What you get:
    • Access to the Airtable* Savvy Process Template
      • Tasks (including Parent- and Sub-Tasks)
      • Due date field
      • Assignee field
      • Done field
    • Training video and written instructions for implementing the template into your business in a way that suits you:
      • Use directly in Airtable, or
      • Import into your Project Management software
    • Links to additional resources to help streamline your processes
    • All this is available for Instant Download on purchase

    *This is an Airtable template. If you're not on Airtable yet, grab yourself a FREE account now!

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