Initial Consult & New Client Form | Airtable Template & Training

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Collect information during initial consults so you can quote accurately and decide if potential clients are a good fit for your business.

Then, once your lead signs your quote and becomes a client, there's more information you need before beginning work.

This template provides you with an easy way to collect and access all the information that your clients provide in one place.

What do I get?

When you purchase this package you'll be able to download a PDF. This PDF contains all the info you need to access your forms and get started using them:

  • How to set up your FREE Airtable account
  • Direct access to our Airtable template that you can copy to your own account for using
  • A training video to show you how to copy, edit and use your form templates with maximum efficiency in your business

How do I use it?

Airtable is like Excel with super powers. You'll give your leads or new clients the link to the relevant form (which you can get from Airtable) and when they fill it out their answers will show up as a record in the linked spreadsheet table!

You can also fill out the form yourself on their behalf during your initial consult, embed the form on your website, access it from a computer or a tablet - it's so versatile!

Why are both forms combined?

Both forms feed into the one table, so that all your information is in one place. If you'd like to separate them into 2 different tables this is completely possible and easy to do in Airtable!

What is the difference between the two forms?

The initial consult form is laid out to get all the information you need before or during the initial consult, so you can create your quote.

The new client form is designed to get more detailed and personal information from your new clients after they sign your proposal.

You can pick and choose which information you ask for in which form, and add or remove questions as you need - it is completely customisable!

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