Hiring Bookkeeping Staff | eCourse + Templates | Advertise and Hire Using Seek

Version: Basic
$250excl. GST


Identify, find, and hire high-quality staff quickly so you can build a team of competent bookkeepers. Learn our simple, effective strategy that will help you :

  • Cut 40+ hours off your hiring process
  • Hire the BEST employee for your role
  • Set your new team member up for success!

    During this course, you'll achieve the following:

    • Create your team vision, mission and value proposition
    • Discover which employee will be the best fit for your current team
    • Write and publish the job advertisement on Seek.com* using our templates
    • Efficiently screen, interview and test candidates
    • Reject unsuccessful candidates without worrying about what to say
    • Onboard your new staff member and inspire them with your vision

    Included are 10 Step-by-step training videos to guide you through the process, including:

    Lesson 1 Writing position description
    Lesson 2 Creating job ad on seek.com
    Lesson 3 Review candidates
    Lesson 4 Pre-interviewing
    Lesson 5 Testing candidates
    Lesson 6 Interviewing candidates
    Lesson 7 Background checks
    Lesson 8 Paid Trial and review
    Lesson 9 Offer of employment
    Lesson 10 Employee onboarding

      • Basic Templates (.docx):
        • Business plan
        • Value proposition
        • Job advertisement

    Upgrade options:

    We also offer Advanced and Premium for those who don't have time to DIY:

      • Advanced Templates (format: .docx)
      • Everything from BASIC plus:
        • Basic templates plus:
        • Interview templates
        • Initial interview
        • Full interview
        • Reference checks
      • Premium Hiring Package (Airtable**)
      • Everything from ADVANCED plus
        • Candidate tracker
        • Candidate rating worksheet
        • Email templates
          • Rejection of non-successful applicants
          • Requesting more information
          • Invitation to test
          • Invitation to interview
          • Successful application/job offer
      • Premium Hiring + Onboarding
      • Everything from PREMIUM HIRING plus
        • Position description (.docx or PandaDoc)
        • Employment contract (.docx or PandDoc)
        • Employment documents (PDF or PandaDoc)
        • Employee onboarding checklist (Airtable)
        • Employee forms (Airtable)

      *Cost of Seek.com advertisements are not included (approx. cost $250-$350).

      **Airtable is a FREE app for creating forms and organising information: click here to learn more about Airtable.

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