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Identify, find, and hire high-quality staff efficiently so you can build a team of competent bookkeepers... without meeting face-to-face! Adopting our simple, effective strategy ensures you:

  • Cut 40+ hours off your hiring process
  • Hire the BEST employee for your role 
  • Set your new team member up for success!

Course Outcomes

During this course, you'll achieve the following:

  • Create your team vision, mission, and value proposition
  • Discover which employee will be the best fit for your current team
  • Write and publish the job advertisement on Seek.com* using our templates
  • Efficiently screen, interview, and test* candidates
  • Reject unsuccessful candidates without worrying about what to say
  • Onboard your new staff member and inspire them with your vision

Course Outline

Included is a Step-by-step training guide stepping you through the process, including the following stages, plus all templates which relate to each stage.

Stage 1 Prepare

Laying the foundation for your Hire, ensuring that you hire the right person, at the right skill level, and with the right attitude.

Stage 2 Advertise

Creating and publishing the job ad for finding the right candidate, ensuring that when receiving applications, they can be efficiently filtered,

Stage 3 Refine

Creating a Shortlist of your favourite applicants, analysing and selecting the top candidates for the Interview Process.

Stage 4 Verify

Establishing a remote-working screening, testing and interviewing procedure to capture vital information about each candidate.

Stage 5 Select

Choosing the best person for the role and onboarding them into your business, setting them up for success. 

*Additional Costs 

      The following costs are NOT included in the course fees and should be paid directly as needed:

      • Cost of Seek.com advertisement (approx. cost $250-$350).
      • Cost of testing applicants  €40 (approx $75)

      Templates and Formats

      All necessary templates for each stage of the process are included, and are provided in the following formats:

      • Word (.docx)
      • Airtable**
      • PandaDoc (let us know if you use PandaDoc and we'll send you a copy of the Employee Contract to use in PandaDoc)

      Templates include:

      • Hiring Plan, Candidate Tracker, and Ad template
      • Forms for Application, Pre Interview, and Reference Checks
      • Formal Interview Preparation Guide
      • New Employee Onboarding Forms and Procedure / Checklist
      • Position Description and Employee Contract
      • Email templates for every stage of the process

      **Airtable is a FREE app for creating forms and organising information: click here to learn more about Airtable.

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