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Welcome to Bookkeeping Business Foundations eCourse designed to help you save time, earn more and free up brain space by:

  • educating you on the importance of 'doing business in the right order'
  • equipping you with a proven framework for getting your expertise out of your head
  • empowering you to fulfil your vision

It's a 28-day program is designed for:

  • Established bookkeepers who want to renew or optimise their business, by visiting their foundation, renewing their vision or identifying gaps.
  • Start up bookkeepers who want get their target market right the first time around, and start with a great foundation.

Bookkeeping Business Foundations includes 4 self-paced units you complete in your own time. You'll watch each training video, complete pre-work and if you're a part of our Bookkeeping Business Membership you also get access to our Group Mentoring, to get feedback and ask questions on your pre-work.

Course Outline

Bookkeeping Business Foundations eCourse lays the foundation for your business over four weeks. Our program follows our Bookkeeping Business Plan framework and delves deeply into the areas related to you growing or optimising your business:

Unit 1: Discovering Your Business Purpose (Why)

Discover why you're in business and uncover your Business Story (where you've come from), your Vision (where you're heading) and your Mission (how you plan to get there).

Unit 2: Identifying your Niche and Ideal Client (Who)

Delve into the values which drive and motivate you and learn to clearly articulate your Ideal Client's Problems and demonstrate how your Solutions help them.

Unit 3: Communicating Your Marketing Message (What)

Develop your Branding to prepare for Marketing with your Value/Unique Selling Proposition, business Tagline, and create your introductory pitch.

Unit 4: Strategising Your Marketing Approach (How)

During this session, you'll tie it all together into your marketing strategy. You'll discover which Marketing Activities will reach your ideal client. By the end of this session, you'll be ready to develop your first 'Savvy' Marketing Campaign.

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