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Are you maximising your Social Media presence?

With new features and products appearing almost daily across the top social media channels - it’s easy to be left behind. Whilst ensuring your brand’s presence across these channels is a great strategy for building brand awareness and reaching your target audience, the way that you use the channels is the most important factor of all.

So let’s talk about Instagram in particular! Have you posted to your Instagram business account before – but have no idea how to post to ‘Instagram Stories.’ You may have seen others post to their Instagram Stories and wondered how? 

Instagram Stories is a brilliant feature by Instagram which allows you to reach more followers in a more genuine and ‘behind the scenes’ way that will create an increased sense of consumer trust for your business, all the whilst not having to compromise on the style or content strategy of your Instagram feed! 

We are thrilled to offer a new Savvy Instagram Stories Guide so you can learn more about this engaging feature and how you can create and post some wonderful content for yourself!

What’s included: 

  • Downloadable Bookkeepers Instagram Stories Guide covering our Savvy Easy 6 Step Process, taking you from concept to creation to analysis
  • Comprehensive Training, walking you through exactly how to use this resource for maximum benefit to your business


Not quite ready for the full Savvy Instagram Stories Masterclass and Guide? Dip your toes into Digital Marketing with our FREE guide sharing the Top 5 Ways to Create a Digital Presence for Bookkeepers. You may also be interested in our Savvy Instagram Style Guide.

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