BAS Lodgement Fee | Information Guide & Email Template

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Do you need help explaining why you charge BAS Lodgement Fees?

This template pack helps you charge the correct fees for your business and give your clients peace of mind. First, my story:

A potential client asked me how much I charge per hour. I told him my hourly rate, which was $80/hour and he didn’t flinch about that. Phew!
But then I said, “I charge a BAS lodgement fee.”
And he said, “Oh, BAS lodgement fees – what’s that for? Does that include time?”
And I said, “No.”
Then he said, “What, you’re expecting me to pay you $880 extra a year just to “click a button” four times? Why should I pay that?”

If anything like this has ever happened to you, you possibly became offended or flustered just like I did. And chances are you didn't have an answer ready to back up your BAS Lodgement Fees besides “it’s standard industry practice.”

So I did some research and I put together an info sheet that I could give to clients in this situation that would put their minds at ease about why I charge BAS Lodgement Fees. And guess what? I sent it to this guy by email, and after reading it he came back to me and said "That’s great. I didn’t realise that’s what I was getting, but I’m definitely happy to pay that."

What a great result!

When you purchase the BAS Lodgement Fee Template, you get:

  • The document I created outlining why we charge BAS Lodgement Fees - it's customisable, you can put your branding on it, and it's written in a way that focuses on the benefits for the client
  • The email template I used to send this document not only to this one person, but to all my existing and future clients
  • Instant download access to both of these templates 

If you'd like to read my full story behind this template, you can find it here.

Amy x

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