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Frequency: Single Session
$500excl. GST


As a business owner, you're in charge of ensuring that your business is always running as productively as it can be - so are you confident that it is? If you're in need of assistance with Bookkeeping Templates, Website Automations and Technology, and Workflow Processes, Maia Coghlan is the Savvy expert you'll want to work one on one with.

As Practice Manager at The Savvy Bookkeeper, Maia wears many hats. With a passion for all kinds of technology and automation, Maia's expertise lies within Project Coordination and website development. Maia is also an extraordinaire in organisation and planning. If you're looking to increase productivity through savvy technology, processes and templates, book a session with Maia.

Our sessions together are very practical - we take action during every session and work together on your business. You will never leave with a head full of knowledge and a belly full of anxiety about how to apply what you learned.

Each session you will have a clear set of actions that you can take, including follow-up email reminders so you can stay on track.

What do I get?

Each session is 60 minutes via Zoom, one on one with Maia. You'll be able to book in a time and date that suits you.

Foundation Prerequisites:

If you have not previously worked with The Savvy Bookkeeper to develop your business plan either in private mentoring, Pricing For Profit, or monthly coworking, you must complete the Get Savvy! Business Foundations Program before you can book in one on one mentoring with any of our team.

The purpose of this program is in the name - it sets the Foundation for everything you will do with your business: marketing, pricing, hiring, prioritising. Everything needs a solid foundation.

When doing private mentoring sessions we want to be able to dive deep into the needs of your business, and if you haven't set the foundations then it's difficult for us to give the specialised help you need.

Other Prerequisites:

Because of this, certain topics require extra prerequisites for each of the Savvy team members. If you're not sure which prerequisites apply to you, if any, please get in touch by filling out this form!

Mentoring with Maia has the following topic-specific prerequisites:

Is Maia the right person for me?

Every member of #TeamSavvy has their strengths. If you're not sure whether to choose mentoring with Maia or mentoring with Amy, fill out this questionnaire and we'll advise you on the best choice!

What payment options are there?

A single session with Maia is $500+GST. If you choose the 6 or 12 monthly sessions they work out to be $450+GST each, paid monthly via IntegraPay. By choosing any of these options you are agreeing to our Terms of Service, and specifically in this case the "Mentoring" section.

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