Automated Bookkeeping Fickle Lead Process | Online Training & Templates

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Smart Bookkeepers store knowledge in their head. Savvy Bookkeepers use templates. That includes your sales follow ups.

Within the bookkeeping industry, sales is always a difficult process for businesses. A common question is how to recognise if a lead can be characterized as hot, warm, cold or "fickle".

Take this training and learn:

  1. What a Bookkeeping Fickle Lead is
  2. The steps in creating a systematic follow up process for your fickle leads
  3. How to utilise three of our Savvy email templates to attract fickle leads to become bookkeeping clients

What’s included:

  • 90 minute on-demand video: 40 minutes training and 50 minutes live demonstrations and examples
  • Training PowerPoint
  • Three "plug and play" Savvy Email Templates
  • Instant download for templates and instant access to your on-demand recorded training

Don't have many fickle leads to deal with? Check out our onboarding resources instead with our Onboarding Workflow Infographic or our thorough Onboarding Process template complete with tasks that are ready to import into your project management software.

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